Release Notes

TimeCollect 0.8.8_06

  • Display initially the last activities in the fetch ticket dialog (Ticket #26).
  • Bufix: Time recording was broken in 0.8.8_05 (Ticket #28).

TimeCollect 0.8.8_05

  • UI: Sort tickets without external ID by title in the main menu (Ticket #23).
  • Bugfix: Missing update of total time in the edit activities dialog, if activity was removed (Ticket #24).
  • Bugfix: Web interface breaks, if no ticket is currently active.
  • Bugfix: Allow adding new activities in the edit activities dialog, even if it was empty before (an no activity could be selected to add before).
  • New TimeCollect logo.

TimeCollect 0.8.8_01

  • Trac UI integration
    • Trac plugin that allows switching tickets from within the Trac web interface.
  • New configuration options for the TimeCollect HTTP interface
    • Port, user name, password
    • Allow disabling the HTTP interface
  • Bugfix: Manage tickets dialog does not remember last position (Ticket #22).

TimeCollect 0.8.7_04

  • Display custom reports also at the HTTP interface.
  • Enhanced SQL annotations for customizing the reports.
    • Headings, row grouping, column hiding
  • UI: Save dialog positions.

TimeCollect 0.8.6_10

  • Enhancements to the UI
    • Close dialogs with ESC.
    • Allow sorting tables with a click to the column header.
    • Center dialogs on the screen.
  • The version number and licence are displayed in the "about dialog" (Ticket #18).

TimeCollect 0.8.6_08

  • Nemonics can be added to tickets in the manage tickets dialog. With the nemonic the ticket can be found in the fetch ticket dialog.
  • Bugfix: Fetch Ticket does not work in pause mode (Ticket #16)
  • Bugfix: Local tickets could not be fetched in the fetch ticket dialog (Ticket #14).
  • Enhancement of the Windows installer.

TimeCollect 0.8.5_11

  • Internal cleanups and modularization in preparation to add a TimeCollect server component.

TimeCollect 0.8.5_04

  • Enhanced UI handling in the report dialog.
    • Allow to edit or delete predefined reports.
    • Show scroll bars on the SQL query text input.
    • Made report result table bigger.
    • Made SQL query input vanish in non-expert mode.

TimeCollect 0.8.5_03

  • Bugfix: Removed reports that do not work with Derby.
  • Bugfix: Use separate version of predefined reports for Derby.
  • Bugfix: Missing quote broke Derby support.
  • Update: Replaced derby 10.5 library with derby- as dynamic dependency.
  • Bugfix: Communicate via file with Java architecture detection script. Exit codes seem not to be usable to get a result from a javaw invocation.

TimeCollect 0.8.5_01

  • Enhancement: Allow saving custom reports to the configuration.
  • Enhancement: Show current activity in the tray icon tool-tip.

TimeCollect 0.8.4_02

  • Bugfix: UI config was not saved.
  • Bugfix: Ensure that only a single ticket menu item is selected, even if items are grouped by menu separators.
  • Enhancement: Ticket query dialog
    • Tickets can now be searched by summary (not only by number).
    • Multiple matches are displayed and the new ticket can be selected from a list.
    • One has the choice to change the current activity (not only start a new activity).
    • A detailed description can be entered directly in addition to the new ticket.

TimeCollect 0.8.3_02

  • Build: Bugfix: Make sure that directory dist and standalone exist before they are used.
  • Enhancement: Added export as CSV to report dialog.

TimeCollect 0.8.2_08

  • Build: Automatic deployment to
  • Ticket #13: Added option to group tickets by component in main context menu.

TimeCollect 0.8.1

  • Ticket #12: Bugfix: Date input field was to small to hold a date as string.
  • Bugfix: Type DATETIME is not understood by Derby.
  • Bugfix: Added CHAR type and Object type interpretation to report generation.
  • Refactored report generation to allow to generate multiple output formats. Currently, SWT table and HTML are supported.
  • For the dependency, Java 6 is now required.
  • Bugfix: Replaced timestamp columns with datetime, because timestamp columns get auto-updated when touching the row, which was not intended.

TimeCollect 0.8.0

  • Schema: Use TIMESTAMP instead of system milliseconds for time values.
  • Schema: Declared optional reference columns as optional. The 0 replacement for an absent reference is no longer required. This would allow to declare foreign key constraints.
  • Bugfix: To report errors during DB setup, the display must be allocated first.
  • Bugfix: Moved reports.xml resource to resource folder to make sure that the resource is included in the deployment.

TimeCollect 0.7.4

  • Added pre-defined reports.
  • Bugfix: Do not try to resolve ticket with ID 0. This would keep uninitialized.
  • Bugfix: SQL-Error, if no tickets match the Trac query.

TimeCollect 0.7.3

  • Added rudimentary report generator with custom SQL input.
  • Order tickets in the Manage Tickets dialog.
  • Show more options in Edit Activities ticket combo.
  • When adding a new ticket, give it a default title to show that there is a new line.
  • Ticket #10: Bugfix: Only one new Ticket could be entered at once in the Manage Tickets dialog, because tickets that were not yet saved to persistent storage were identified by their not yet initialized id.
  • Ticket #11: Bugfix: Must load/delete activities with inclusive ranges to prevent duplicating the last activity, if it has zero length.
  • Added browser window for bug reporting.

TimeCollect 0.7.2

  • Added editing of activity descriptions.
  • Bugfix: Ranges were not joined correctly.
  • Renamed menu to "Edit activities"
  • Full selection in tables, sort ticket choice in edit activities.

TimeCollect 0.7.1

  • Implemented selecting of day for editing activities.
  • Bugfix: Do not pretend to have started 01:00 today, if no activity was yet collected at the current day.
  • Check schema version to decide about upgrade.
  • Automatically set up / check DB upon startup.
  • Added description column to the activity table to provide detailed decriptions (besides ticket references).
  • Bugfix: Start of day was computed incorrectly. Added (enhanced) regression test.
  • Bugfix: No collection data available immediately after application startup.
  • Bugfix: Update thread did not send collection data events causing the tooltip not to refresh.
  • Bugfix: Toggling the active state to inactive did not use the collect granularity. Turning on a hibernated machine and immediately stopping active collection would have marked the entire sleep period as active.

TimeCollect 0.6.1

  • Bugfix: Updater was not started, if program starts in active mode.
  • Bugfix: Wrong selection constraints for activity data.
  • Ticket #8: Added regression test for the application tooltip.
  • Allow configuring the location of a local file-based derby database.
  • Ticket #8: Fixed wrong collect computation for long periods and added regression test.
  • Added Java architecture 64bit/32bit detection to choose correct application version.

TimeCollect 0.6.1

  • Bugfix: Search for javaw.exe during installation in case it was not installed to the Windows system folder.
  • Ticket #7: Allow explicitly deselecting tickets matched by the Trac query. This required a schema change with a changed local ticket live cycle. As side effect, the schema now is already prepared to support multiple Trac repositories.
  • Ticket #6: Created a basic NSIS installer for Windows.
  • Bugfix: Do not cleanup JIntellitype from within a VM shutdown hook but explicitly at the time the main thread terminates. Otherwise, the VM does not cleanly shut down because JIntellitype internally uses a non-daemon thread to dispatch signals from the Windows event queue to the Java application.

TimeCollect 0.5.4 and before

  • Ticket #2: Added JIntellitype to use native hotkey registration in Windows.
  • Ticket #2: Added remote control scripts for Unix.
    • Implemented the following simple remote control commands:
      • toggle: toggling active/pause
      • resync: resyncing Trac tickets
      • fetch: opening the fetch ticket dialog
  • Added version identifier to tooltip.
  • Do set to not activate on exit.
  • Ensure compatibility with 1.5 VMs.
  • Made TimeCollect a plugin project to get automatic compile-time dependency resolution of SWT library.
  • Added dialog showing a list of past activities with durations.
  • Bugfix: Resync did duplicate inactive explicit tickets.
  • Bugfix: All explicit tickets were considered active.
  • Order ticket so that new tickets appear below old tickets. This is an optimization for system trays at the bottom border of the screen.
  • Bugfix: Separator in tray menu prevents the ticket options and the option "other" to be in the same radio group.
  • Bugfix: Wrong table name in statement loading explicitly selected tickets.
  • Enhanced error reporting by using consequently DBException in the DB layer.
  • Build: Added deploy target for uploading standalone jars to an ftp server.
  • Adjusted webstart files to current libraries.
  • Added deploy target that installs webstart files to an ftp server.
  • Allow managing explicitly fetched tickets and local tickets in a tabular view.
  • Bugfix: Do not prevent cut&paste in ticket selection dialog.
  • Beautification: Allow to select, whether one starts working on an imported ticket.
  • Ticket #5: Implemented fetching explicit tickets from Trac by number.
  • Bugfix in org.lustin Trac interfaces: Need to declare exception to handle errors reported by Trac.
  • Bugfix: Missing load/save of MySQL option.
  • Made TimeCollect DB layer compatible with Apache Derby embedded database.
  • Ticket #5: Preliminary: Refactoring to allow importing single tickets by number from Trac.
  • Bugfix: Invalid default values for update interval and collect granularity.
  • Changed ticket schema to cache state information from Trac and have two independent columns for marking a ticket as active and explicitly selected (independent of a Trac query).
  • Usability: Provide error feedback to the user.
  • Safety: React graceful in case of inconsistency of DB and client in case the uptime is resumed but there is already an active row in the database.
  • Bugfix: After standby, active row was not closed. This resulted in a bunch of inserts for each interval.
  • Allow configuration of collection intervals.
  • Bugfix: Do not terminate watcher, if DB access temporarily fails.
  • Try smaller tray image to prevent Windows 7 from scaling down.
  • Added configuration dialog that allows to control TimeCollect setup properties.
  • Bugfix: Added missing libraries to webstart.
  • Build: Added building standalone jars.
  • Safety: Prevent crash, if no config file found.
  • Added webstart.
  • Ticket #1: Allow fetching active tickets from Trac.
  • Allow resuming after restart, show collected time.
  • Ticket #1: Basic connection to track, basic configuration, initial activity table.
  • Initial time collector without Trac integration.